“Partners Serving the Petroleum Industry for Over 60 Years & Four Generations”

* Serving The Petroleum Industry Since 1946 *

This is what we do! We are in the day to day fuel distribution business.

We have the Equipment, personel, expertise, and experience to execute

on your Fuel re-Supply plan in emergency & sustainable circumstances

About Us

​We serve by supporting our clients in keeping fuel supplied to our local, State, and National transportation, energy, and critical utility services infrastructure programs so that services can be restored and run effectively in areas that have been effected by natural disaster including Hurricanes, Supply Disruption, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Ice Storms, and other unforseen situations that create emergency needs requiring extraordinary resources and expertise. We have been involved in planning, supply & logistics, distribution, and specifically supported such activities successfully through each major storm event since 2004.

We have specialized fuel delivery assets positioned to service most petroleum terminals along the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast U.S. with delivery to all destinations in between. We are partnered with Industry leaders in this service area with vast resources to make sure we can handle all our clients needs to meet and exceed expectations.

With a fleet of tested, specially equipped, and well prepped petroleum delivery equipment; We load requested fueling products from strategic supply points at U.S. Terminals and Refineries, and then manage the logistics of getting the  bulk fuel into effected areas to portable staged semi-tankers on secure local sites.  We redistribute the bulk fuel into areas that have been effected by supply shortage and natural disaster to keep fleets keep moving and get back to business.

Timely,  Reliable, Effective Performance